Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Comfort Zone

As you all are aware I struggle with fitness and health. I love my junk food and pasta and find it very hard to give that up and find the motivation to work out. I have tried and failed at multiple health eating styles and fitness routines. So for now I am just trying to make myself more aware of what I am eating by adding a few more veggies to my meals as well as cutting back the amount of carbs I have during the day. Some days I do great while others I fail miserably at. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? Just being aware and slowing making changes. I think that you will be more successful if you take it slow and let it become habit then you jump right into something that really isn’t working for you and the life you live.

Obviously a person who works crazy hours or has to come home and take care of their kids do not have the time for a long workout so they need to find something shorter and more convenient for them. That may take some trial and errors to figure out what works. Same goes for a workout that keeps your interest.  I attended a yoga studio for years but it was the same routine every time with little variation. So I got bored and stopped going. Going to the gym, I did not feel motivated to be accountable for myself.  No one really cared if you did all the reps or exercises as you should. So I got bored and stopped going. So where did that leave me? Well no fitness routine and starting to feel pretty crummy about how I was feeling about myself.  I was by no means over weight but feeling unfit and just overall blaah, if you know what I mean.

A few months ago I was out to dinner with a friend and on the TVs in the sports bar they were showing images from the Crossfit Games. I thought it was insane. All these women lifting crazy amounts of weight and doing these ridiculous exercises, I thought they were all crazy and I couldn’t understand why anyone would put themselves through that.  But for whatever reason I kept thinking about it and looking at videos online and doing research about gyms in the area.  Signing up for something like this was totally out of my comfort zone but then I remember that isn’t what this year is supposed to be about? Making changes and having new experiences? So I went for it! I attended my free class to try it out and now I am hooked!!  It is the hardest workout I’ve ever done and I feel like death after each and every one of them but it is also so exhilarating.  Obviously I can’t start right off the bat doing all the crazy lifts and moves but I have small goals, like doing a pull up without the help of rubber bands haha.
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So with just jumping right into something that was beyond my comfort zone I have found a new aspect in my life that I get excited about and have met a few people who are just starting out as well to share the experience with.  

You should try something out of your comfort zone this week and see where it gets you.
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