Saturday, 14 September 2013

Las Vegas Day 2

On our second day in Vegas we decided to get up early and hit the shops. I have heard great things about the shopping in Vegas and I was not disappointed. We grabbed a cab and headed to the south end Outlet mall.  We got there just as the store were opening which turned out to be a good thing since it started getting exponentially busier as the hours passed.

There are two outlet malls in Vegas, one on the south end and the other on the north side of the strip. We chose the south since it was closer to us as well it contained more reasonably priced stores as well as places we would most like shop at compared to the north end.

I think we spent hours roaming the mall and here is the awesome goodies I picked up!
Black Skinny Jeans- Calvin Klein
Cords-Lucky Brand
Blue Jeans- Levi`s

 Boots- Nine West

 Fall Long Sleeve Shirts- Gap
Knitted Shirt- Zara

After a quick lunch at the mall we headed back to the hotel to find it uncomfortably hot. What better excuse to do you need then heat to head to the pool! So we did just that. Now, I would suggest going earlier in the morning to get good chairs by the pool you want, because we had a hard time finding two next to each other.  Although we were lucky enough to find two close to the cabana bar for drinks, it also sprayed mist around it to cool you off which was nice. The pool we were next to was small and because it is always so hot out that the water was warmer then I would have liked. When I get uncomfortable from the heat I always like a nice refreshing shock of a cold pool. That was not the case, however it was still good to take a dip.

That evening we ate at a pub that was in the hotel. It wasn`t anything special and the food was ok. Unfortunately I didn`t grab any pictures. After dinner we headed up to our room to crack open the drinks we bought at the pharmacy down the street (much cheaper then buying them at the bar) and got ready to head to Hakkasan.


Opening in April of this year, Hakkasan is located on the main floor of the MGM. It consists of 5 levels. The first two floors are a restaurant, the third and fourth are lounge bars and the 5 consists of the main dance floor with VIP booths that surround the floor.

Image from Google Images.

So here is a tip if you want to head to Hakkasan, which I learned from a bar tender at the Centrifuge Bar in the MGM.  During the afternoon, head over to the entrance of Hakkasan and there will be a man in a little booth out front where you purchase your entrance tickets. If you go early enough in the day he will get you on the list to get in free! Can`t beat that! While we were there Moby was their guest DJ for the night at the nightclub which was sooo cool to see. Every once in awhile the DJs have a set up to spray mist on the dance floor to keep everyone cooled off.  If you want to check it out, you can find their website here.

Hope you all are having a lovely evening!

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