Saturday, 7 September 2013

Las Vegas Day 1

Hi sweeties!
After a very long day of traveling on Saturday, we finally arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada just after noon. We headed straight to the hotel from the airport where we got our first view of the strip. It was really exciting haha.
View from the hotel shuttle
We stayed at the MGM Grand which was really walked into the lobby and the first thing you see is the iconic gold lion and the casino.  There was soo many people and so much to take in. We made our way up to our room on the 15th floor and were pleasantly surprised in how nice it is!

 The beds were so comfy!
Check out our view!

For our first dinner we were in a bit of a rush as we had show ticket for later in the evening so we decided to go to the buffet in the hotel which happens to be named “Buffet”..original don’t ya think? Haha. I found that the buffet was overpriced and the food not that was just basic buffet food nothing overly exciting.
That night we took in our first show. I don’t know if I would suggest going to show on your first night after arriving. We had been up since 3 in the morning and were exhausted and sitting in a dark theater really didn’t help with that. But back to the show! It was amazing. We saw KA by Cirque to Soleil which is performed at the MGM Grand. As some of you may remember, it is the same show that had the tragic death of a performer a few months back so I found it hard to watch and not be a little worried about the safety for the performs.
Image from Google Images. No cameras allowed in the theater.
Overall our first day was a success I think!
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