Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Busy Busy!!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are doing fantastically! I have had lots going on lately; just finished up my summer class and next week my fall classes start :( . I have also been having the pleasure to cat sit for Chris while he is away. I was always the first one to admit that I did not like cats and would always be a dog lover however Kirby (the cat) has totally changed that for me. Other then the wanting attention at 4 or 5 in the morning, she has been amazing.  I have never had a pet before but I am definitely thinking about getting one in the near future not that she has been around. It could be just that her personality meshes really well with me and that may not be the case for all pets but you never know till you try right?!

I have also had a crazy week in the sense of getting ready for a visit from my family and getting ready to head out on my big trip to LAS VEGAS this weekend!!  Today I had an amazing pedicure and manicure at Flaunt Salon (you can find them here...I highly recommend a visit!) It felt so nice to sit back and be pampered.  The hours at the spa were an awesome birthday gift from the boyfriend along with some flowers delivered on my actual birthday since he couldn’t be there the day of (Did good didn’t he?!)!!

Tomorrow I head to my optometrist to get my first set of contacts. I have been wearing glasses for 3 years now and never once considered contacts until recently at a dodgeball game I got smashed in the face and then the guy next to me also did and his glasses ended up cutting just under his eye. I now have an image of me getting hit and glass going into my eye.. Its freaked me out to say the least. So having contacts should be an interesting transition.  In other dodgeball related news..we won our first game of finals this week which means we will no longer be coming in last place in the league and have an actual chance at 5th place!!! I have also organized our team to play again with each other in the fall so it should be fun and hopefully we will do nothing but improve and play better as a team!!

Well I should get back to cleaning as my parents and brother arrive tomorrow and will be staying at my place while I am away this weekend!

Have an awesome day!!
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