Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wine and Chocolate

 Hi Everyone!

The sun has finally come out!!! It is so hard to find inspiration on rainy days. I started off the weekend this morning with a mini run (only about 25 minutes) as I was short on time. I really do hate running, I find it boring and hard to stay motivated throughout the workout. Listening to music usually helps make the time go by faster but I need something upbeat to keep me going and my playlist just didn’t seem to be cutting it today. Some ideas of songs would be great! What is on your workout playlist??

This afternoon I got to go back to the beach to relax and do a little reading, but when we got there it was a little too windy for out taste so we headed back into the city for some ice-cream :) Gotta love summer days!! Unfortunately, as I am lactose intolerant, ice cream is usually not something I will have.  What is great though is that there is a cafe in Halifax called the Humani-T cafe (you can find them here) and they serve organic, vegan and soy products. Along with their great selection of gelato’s they also carry soy based gelatos. I had the soy Oreo one and it was fantastic, a little pricy, but in reality all things dairy free are. I do wish however that they would change up their soy flavors every once in awhile.

After a quick nap and some food I headed down to one of my favorite places for a drink. The Oobladee wine bar (you can find them here) on Barrington Street and a fantastic selection of wines and I have never been disappointed with my choice. Sitting out on their patio we decided to have a little treat with our drinks so we order up their chocolate plate to test out the deserts that they have. My favorite would have to be the goat’s milk fudge.
Hope you are having a fantastic day!
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