Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Little Peace

Hi Everyone,

Life has been very busy over the last week, between hikes, dodgeball, work and school I am finding very little time for myself and just to sit back and relax.  However being the lucky girl that I am, I did get to go to my two favorite spots around Halifax over the last few days.

On Saturday I got to go to Rainbow Haven beach just outside the city.  There really isn’t anything that spectacular about it but for some reason I love it. I think the view is amazing (especially in the evenings) and it’s filled with lots of fantastic memories from over the years.


The second would be Point Pleasant Park. I am definitely a city girl but sometimes it’s nice to get away for a few moments and find some peace and this park does that for me. I have a favorite spot down by the water that I love and it’s always nice to head there to recharge and feel like you are out of the city for a few minutes.


Hope you are out enjoying this lovely evening!


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