Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shopping Trip!

So I have had a very busy past few days! At the end of last week a friend came to me saying she wanted to get out of the city for the long weekend, so what do we decided to do? We decided to head down to the States to do a little shopping :)  Since it is a long drive from Halifax we were able to break it up by staying with our parents for a night on our way there and on the way back.

I feel that our trip was super successful and I picked up a few goodies for my closet and my apartment! All of which I might add were on sale..can’t do much better than that!
Here is just a peek of some things I purchased:


Unfortunately  my last day of the weekend was spent in bed with a terrible cold which resulted in me missing my dodgeball game :( so now I am waiting impatiently for our next game which I am already excited about.  
When was your last spontaneous trip?
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  1. Very nice! I'll be expecting my present in the mail by weeks end? ;-)