Thursday, 9 May 2013

5 Things That I Am Grateful For

Everyone has their days where they are feeling a little down for whatever reason.  I personally find that I have moments during a day when I’m feeling a little sad more often than I have full days feeling like that.  Living alone can be very lonely if you don’t make the conscious effort to get out and socialize. Like every one; I like the quiet night in once in awhile. But too many of those nights in a row and I get a little sad and begin to question my decision to stay in Halifax,  away from the comfort of my family and long time friends.

It’s in those moments that I like to remember the things that I am grateful for the most:

5 Things That I Am Grateful For:

1.      My amazing friends that I can call upon a moment’s notice and who are always willing to let me tag along even if they already have plans.

2.      The fact that I have such an amazing and stable job at such a young age.

3.      School. I know this is an odd one but when you’re really bored and lonely, school work can be distracting. It also gives you the opportunity to head to the library or coffee shop and check out that cute guy who is studying at the table beside you ;)

4.      Second Chances. Fresh starts, new chances and life changes are wonderful and do not have to be scary. However, have you ever thought about that every single day is a fresh start? I start every day by believing it is going to be an amazing day filled with new opportunities and to do better than the day before.

5.      A really great book.  I can completely loose myself in a book and totally forget that the world is going on around me. It is a fantastic feeling.
What are you grateful for?
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  1. I am grateful that my familiy is always just a phone call away!