Sunday, 28 April 2013


Hey sweeties,
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Mine has been fantastic! My parents and brother arrived late Friday night so we just stayed in and caught up on things. Now Saturday was my kind of day haha. We got up nice and early and started a day of shopping for items for my apartment.  I am now the proud owner of a barbeque and patio furniture :)I can’t wait to be able to make use of them!!

Later in the evening my godparents came into the city as well and we all got together for dinner and a game of Jok-R-Ummy. Things always get competitive when the cards come out in our family.Then after a few drinks, all the embarrassing moments of my brother and I's childhood start being discussed. Its always an interesting night when we are all together.
Today I’m just having a quiet day doing chores and getting ready for the week. I always try to stay busy just after my parents leave as the place suddenly seems unnaturally quiet and lonesome after being bursting at it seams for a few days. But on the other hand, I love having my space back to myself.
How was your weekend?
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