Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Personally, I am not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day, but for many the day can leave you feeling a little sad and lonely.  Whether you are in an unhappy relationship or you are single and feeling alone, it is important to remember that Valentine’s Day is time to express your love.... So why not show yourself a little!

You don’t need a date to go out on V-Day. Why not get a group of friends together and all go out to dinner or to a movie? If you would rather stay  at home... take a hot bath, paint your nails, and eat your favorite treat all while listening to your favorite music maybe a little too loudly. If you are a really feeling like doing something good for others, go out and volunteer, give back to your community.

As for me, tomorrow evening will be a girl’s night with friends; cooking a delicious meal and watching a very girly movie.

What special plans do you have?
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